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Wellspring provides deeply subsidized rental housing for adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses. The program’s tenants have very limited incomes; many would be homeless or live in substandard housing without this resource. This housing is coupled with appropriate support services from Wellspring and Seven Counties Services, providing tenants a permanent home base for their journey of recovery. Open-ended leases and housing which varies in type and location, allow consumers to choose the best fit for their needs.  While most of Wellspring’s housing is spread geographically throughout Jefferson County, the agency also has one four-unit residence located in Shelby County, in the Shelbyville area. Wellspring also provides scattered site, leased apartments, as well as supportive services, for nearly 100 residents with mental illness, many of which have been identified as chronically homeless.

For more details, see our annual report.

Cliff went from homelessness to hospitalization, then a two-week stay at a Wellspring Crisis Unit before moving into Wellspring’s Housing.  With the tools available to him, Cliff grasped opportunity with both hands and worked his way to a Peer Support Certification.  He now works for Wellspring, helping formerly homeless Wellspring clients in their recovery. 


More client quotes:

“I was staying at the Salvation Army; I was homeless and depressed. Then I found out about Wellspring… and since then they’ve helped me with my mental health problems and helped me get housing…. I am a lot happier now!” - Edward


“Wellspring helped me get my own apartment, after nearly two years of homelessness. I love everything Wellspring is doing for me. It has helped me with reducing my stress so that now I can envision a future with a stable life in the community.” - Charles 


“I’ve been with Wellspring for 2 ½ years now.  They helped my get my own apartment and my SSDI. Now I’m saving up for a small car. I meet with my case manager weekly; his encouragement helps me stay focused on the things that are most important. “ - Tom


“I’d been homeless, and then at Central State, due to my depression.  Then I was connected to Wellspring – and everything took a complete 180! Now I have my apartment, and I do group therapy. I have my friends and my family behind me – and I plan to keep getting better and better. Now I know I can do this!” - Scott


“I like Wellspring’s support of me. I’m very appreciative to be part of Wellspring. They have a lot to offer women who are homeless, have a mental illness and addiction. Cutia Brown and Kathy Kelton at Journey House have been so supportive of my recovery these last four years!” - Carolyn