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Client Success Stories

Maureen's Story

My main struggle in recovery was myself - I was always fighting myself, denying my illness, and feeling afraid of where my path might lead. Wellspring helped me accept my mental illness and understand how alcohol played  a role in it. Once I finally had the strength to walk through the fear and trust the process, I learned how to use structure, rather than run from it. And now, I get to help others "peel the onion" and find the answers that they have deep within themselves. That's what I love about Wellspring - how it restores hope in people. I get to see eyes light up when it begins to happen. And that's about as good as it gets!












Russell's Story

For the past 20 years, day in and day out, Russell has lived with bipolar disorder.  It has tested him during every season, every month of the year.

When he was diagnosed, he spent 74 days in Central State psychiatric hospital.  That’s where he first heard of Wellspring and his case worker referred him to our transitional supportive housing program, Ardery House.

After spending several months at Ardery House learning how to cope with his mental illness, Russell moved out on his own.  He lived stably until read more





Ruthie's Story

Leaving something Behind

My story is about leaving something behind.

I was the youngest of ten brothers and sisters. I grew up fighting with my brother Tom and going to rock concerts out in the country, catching lightning bugs and letting them off in the house. I remember walking on rail road tracks and through fields of white daisies. I was born in 1962. By the time I was 5 or 6 I had witnessed a lot: hippy parties, skinny dipping in rock quarries, Vietnam on the television. It was not long before I became a teenager and drank my first beer t....(read more)