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Crisis Stabilization

The goal of Crisis Stabilization Program (CSU) is to assist clients who are experiencing an acute psychiatric episode to achieve stabilization and avoid hospitalization. Wellspring’s two CSU sites, the Samuel B. Todd Center and the David J. Block Center, provide a total of 16 crisis stabilization beds. This program serves patients who are experiencing acute symptoms of mental illness, such as severe depression, mania, or symptoms of psychosis. This is the only Wellspring program that does not require a severe and persistent mental illness diagnosis to be eligible for services. While at a CSU, clients receive intensive treatment, close monitoring with high levels of staff support, and medications prescribed by a psychiatrist.

Our two Crisis Centers serve 450 individuals each year

Samuel B. Todd Center CSU

Referral Number: (502) 561-1072  

FAX: (502) 589-5369 

The Samuel B. Todd Center, which opened in 1995, was Kentucky’s first residential, community-based crisis unit. Until Wellspring opened the David J. Block Center, it remained as this region’s only such program. In 2005, the SBT Center received the Mental Health Association of Kentucky’s prestigious Philip P. Ardery Award, honoring ten years of urgent, ongoing psychiatric care and treatment in a community setting.  The SBT Center houses eight men and women in a homelike setting at the edge of downtown Louisville. Admissions are accepted seven days a week. 

David J. Block Center CSU

Referral Number: (502) 561-1072

FAX: (502) 561-1089 

The David J. Block Center provides eight crisis stabilization beds. When it opened in 2007, this site doubled Wellspring’s previous capacity. The David J. Block Center, situated in downtown Louisville, serves both men and women. Admissions are accepted seven days a week.

Multi-disciplinary Staff includes:

Full-time Psychiatrist

7 Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselors

Expressive Therapists

24-hour staff double coverage

Peer Support staff

For referrals and admission to the CSU Program call (502) 561-1072

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